Usually when an app company like Instagram rolls out a new feature, it first starts off by a massive user outrage – and while I think that there’s a tiny bit of truth to it sometimes, it certainly is not for the latest Instagram update: Following Hashtags.


Granted, it sounds more trivial than it really is in the first place. Instead of following a user to your interest you just follow a hashtag – so what’s the big deal? I tell you for sure, it’s bigger than you think – for everyone inside the spectrum, and here’s why:




Here’s to the lazy ones, the procrastinators – like me. We just don’t have the time to waste our precious efforts in finding what we like to see. Instead of having to spend hours of our time trying to find accounts we’re interested in, it all suddenly became as easy as hitting one button resulting in a whole variety of new enjoyable content to then again waste time scrolling through. It’s a vicious circle, but that’s what we like, right?


By following a hashtag you find interesting, you’ll expand your horizon practically without much effort.




We’ve all come across a certain point of being uninspired as creators, and if you’re not one of them, I’d really like to speak a word with you. Of course it’s only a natural thing to kiss your muse by scrolling through content that’s somewhat similar to yours. Up until now you’ve had to dig deep and find the best accounts within the respective niche and get inspired by that. Now, you just simply have to follow the respective hashtags and your horizons will be broadened more than ever.




And finally, it benefits those that in turn want to expand their reach. Because if you put out good and valuable content and tag them with the right hashtags, chances are you’ll suddenly appear in the feeds of hundreds of thousands highly interested people – who in turn will maybe hit that follow button.


The point I want to get across is, that it suddenly became easier for the end user who just wants to be entertained, the creator wanting to get inspired and the creator wanting to expand his reach. So it really is a triple win situation. What more do you want?

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