We’ll help you manually grow your Instagram account. No bots or growth hacks that will do more harm than good.


Our dedicated growth managers helping you attract super-engaged followers you deserve

100% Human Powerd & IG ToS Compliant

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Growing Instagram Followers Requires In-Depth Analyzation & Hard Work. We’ll help you manually organically grow an engaged fanbase.

Target Audience Analyzation 

Using your initial suggestions, our growth managers will manually pin point your ideal target audience that will most likely be interested in your content.

Manual Interactions 

Using state of the art safety protocols and mechanisms, our growth managers will then log into your account and start to perform highly targeted, MANUAL actions with your target audience.

Highly Targeted & Engaging Followers 

You will soon start to gain 200-500 highly targeted and engaging followers per month, setting you up for solid baseline growth.

Real And Outstanding Results

See what our clients gain with our manual growth service

Catie Stewman, E-Commerce

Antoine Elroy, Founder VisageParis

Patrick Bill, Photographer

Sebastian Lang, Fashion Influencer

Sebastian Lang, Fashion Influencer

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MVRQ Manual Growth

€ 149

per month

 100% Safe & Within IG’s ToS

Dedicated Growth Manager

300-700 Followers Per Month


MVRQ Manual Growth

€ 357

every 3 months

 100% Safe & Within IG’s ToS

Dedicated Growth Manager

300-700 Followers Per Month

3 months upfront -> 20% OFF


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Do you use bots growing these accounts?

We DO NOT use bots! Doing so would jeopardize not only your accounts, but also our business. 

Our dedicated growth managers will manually analyze and interact with your target audience based on the best metrics for your account for maximum safety and maximum results.

Is my Instagram account in risk? Is it safe to use your services?

Your Instagram profile is absolutely and 100% safe. We’ve designed our process to the safest standards and it won’t hurt your account at all. 

We do NOT use bots or any methods that are not within Instagram’s ToS, so your account is 100% safe with us.

We will dutifully return every penny of your purchase if it is in the 14 day period if we do not deliver what we promised on this site. Just write an email to (contact@mvrq.co).

Do you need my password to perform the task?

Yes we do need your password, due to the nature that we log into your Instagram account.

We handle our client’s data with the highest privacy standards.

If you DO NOT wish to give us your password, please contact us for our premium growth services.

How much is the service in USD ($) ?

As we are a European based company, we use Euro (€) as our main currency. But of course, if you use different currency you can still use our services without any doubt. The currency will be automatically exchanged by Paypal or your credit card company with the latest exchange rates.

Can I keep using Instagram during the process?

Our growth managers manually grow your account  in a way that will leave minimal to no footprint on your IG account, having set measures in place that won’t interfere with Instagram in any way, using a dedicated in house mobile proxy server that will never set off any flags within Instagram.

So, no worries – you can keep using your Instagram account as you like while we do our magic.

Hey, I’m Dominik!

I’m the founder of MVRQ, a very successful Instagram focused Social Media Marketing agency. Through the last years our main focus was to figure out sustainable and untapped ways blow up one’s influence on social media, mainly to build and solidify a sustainable online brand that sets you up for longterm success. 

Over the past few years we’ve helped hundreds of clients build, grow, and maintain their social media influence, turning followers into true brand ambassadors. And now, after all this experience we’ve finally developed a 100% safe and reliable Instagram growth service for those that can’t afford our professional packages, but still want to experience steady base-line growth. And most importantly: a service that does NOT use bots. Our product mainly serves Influencers, but also any type of professional Instagramers.

So if you’re looking to spice things up again by growing highly targeted and engaged Instagram followers – now is the time!

100% Safe & Secure Instagram Growth Service

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