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How to clean your Instagram Account of ghost followers

Imagine this: Your Instagram account is doing pretty well with engaging your current followers.

You’re producing quality content…

You’re having fun…

Your followers are reacting to it… loving it… you’re on top of your Instagram game.

But one day, one casual, shiny, sunny day you start noticing some changes in your engagement.

It stops scaling.

Or even worse.

Drops. And then it hits you right in the heart…

You realize your Instagram engagement is dying.

Now stop imagining. Compare the picture you created with your reality.

Are they similar?

If that’s a positive answer, you, dear friend are a victim of every influencer’s nightmare – scourging fake followers (a.k.a ghost followers)

And you are here because you want to know how to delete these followers from your Instagram account.

What is a ghost follower?

Now before we jump into the tactics on how to mass unfollow on Instagram, let’s first define what a ghost follower is.


It’s not THAT spooky as it may sound.

If you’re looking to monetize your audience though…

…it’s quite horrible for your account to have ghost followers.

Besides the fact that these ghost followers will never ever buy anything from you, they also lower your trust score.

This means your real followers will not even see your content that you upload on Instagram.

I’ve explained how all this works below.

For now, all you need to know is that ghost followers are Instagram accounts that follow you but don’t engage with your account in any way or form.

No likes.

No comments.

Not even watching your stories.

They’re just there. And they’re hurting your reach big time.

How bad is it really?

Okay, here is how the Instagram engagement algorithm works in a couple of sentences.

You have a follower count.

This follower count divides into 2 audiences.

Instagram followers that engage with your content.

And accounts (most of them are not real people) that do not.

So what the algorithm will do is whenever you post content, it will show it only to a small section of your followers.

And analyze.

If you get a steady amount of engagement on your post, the algorithm will further show it to other followers you have.

By the way, the best type of engagement is reposts.

This is THE secret for exponential growth.

If it doesn’t perform that well though…

Well, then your content will go in the shadows, never to be seen ever again by a real human being.

Okay, I’ve kind of overestimated a little, but you get what I’m saying.

Summed in 3 words: Engagement = More Engagement.

For example, if the algorithm shows your content to 100 people

and a half or more of them don’t engage with it (if they’ve seen it), it’s pretty bad.

And your content won’t spread among the platform.

Quick tip before we move forward:

Never ever buy followers in bulk.

As we already went over this, these accounts are NOT going to engage with your content and it will do more harm than good.

If you’ve already done that though, your account can still be repaired.

We’ve developed a special Instagram cleaner

Click here to see more.

How to find and remove ghost followers?

Okay, so you already know how horrible these contagious ghost followers are for your Instagram account.

And now you are wondering: “Okay, so how to remove these followers?”

There is a way you can actually mass unfollow these accounts on Instagram, but we’ll get to that later.

Well it might sound kind of harsh but…

… you might want to unfollow a lot of accounts in bulk.

If you are following more than 1000 people, you definitely should consider that.

It’s good for your Trust Score.

Here’s why:

The more people you follow the more people the algorithm has to filter.

Because lots of people are not seen by you.

Get it?

And the second thing you’ll have to consider is deleting some of your followers.

You’ll have to do it manually which kind of sucks if you have, like, thousands and thousands of followers.

Which is why we’ve developed an Instagram cleaner that can mass unfollow these pests for you.

You can check it here.

Back to the point now.

When checking profiles you’ll have to see if they:

– follow a lot of accounts (above 1500)

– have a profile picture (obviously if they do not, it’s red flag)

– are uploading content (if not, red flag as well)

After you’ve located these fake Instagram accounts, you will have to remove them GRADUALLY!

Please do not make this mistake and mass block Instagram accounts, you will get blocked instead.

I’ll come back to this in a minute.

By removing Instagram followers gradually you will also, gradually, raise your Trust Score again.

Which will make your account more trustworthy.

And be seen by more people.

And all that good stuff you would like to have after implementing the tactic from this article.


About the blocking part.

Instagram doesn’t really like you using 3rd party software, so, yeah, don’t use them if you want to monetize your followers from your Instagram account.

Or if you want an Instagram account at all.

“So what if I remove these followers manually?”, you might ask.

Yeah, that’s the thing, DO it manually, but don’t actually block them all at once because you’re basically mimicking a 3rd party software.

A good rule of thumb would be no more than 40 actions an hour.

So don’t exceed that.

Be a real human being and Instagram will reward you with real human beings that like your content.

Gradually your account will see your engagement rise up again.

Gradually you will be seen by more people.

Gradually you’ll be a lot happier.

Summary of what we’ve covered

So let’s have a quick summary here.

We now know how unpleasant ghost followers are.

We know that these fake followers don’t interact with us in any way and that they sabotage our pretty and peaceful Instagram account.

We know that Trust Score means how trustworthy you are to the Instagram algorithm.

Trust Score is determined by:

– How trustworthy are the people you are following


– How trustworthy are the people that follow you

By unfollowing and blocking untrustworthy Instagram accounts that are linked to your account, your Trust Score will start rising again.

We now know that the Instagram algorithm shows your content to only a small part of your audience when you post it and depending on the engagement it gets, it either:

– Spreads your content further

– Packs it in a blanket, locks it in a chest ,and hides it at around 1435 km away from any living creature on earth.

Ideally you would want the first option, of course.

One other thing you want is your followers sharing your content. That’s like THE secret for your exponential growth.

If you have a lot of followers, you should manually check whether they:

– Upload content

– Have a profile picture

If they do not have these things it’s most likely a ghost follower.

Oh and if they follow more than 1500-2000 accounts, most likely a ghost follower as well.

So if you’ve read this whole article word for word you’re ready to go and revive your Instagram account!

Make checking and removing ghost followers a part of your daily social media routine.

It keeps your account healthy.

It increases your Trust Score.

It helps you monetize real people following you…

…and most importantly build you a better online community!

If you do have a lot of followers and physically can’t go through them all, we’ve developed a very special service that does this for you.

It’s only for pimps that take their Instagram account and their follower engagement seriously though.

But if you’ve read this whole article I can instantly qualify you as a serious pimp, so you can click here and learn more about how we can help you with removing these pests.

Talk soon.


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