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With the safest and most advanced process to date:

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Over the past 2 years we’ve battle-tested refined the world’s only and safest ghost follower removal process 

Analyzation Phase. We analyze your audience using AI and real humans and carefully dissect those who are spammers, mass followers (4000-5000+ followings) and most likely have a low trust score.

1-5 Days

Removal Phase. After thorough analyzation and a quick word with you, we’ll carefully remove those accounts in the safest way possible. We won’t block them as this can trigger algorithm problems.

2-10 Days

Results. Because of your higher trust score, you will notice your engagment will gradually increase (or stop to decrease), your account will become more valuable not only to the algorithm, but also to brands.

1-120 Days

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No Shadowban.

100% Safe.

Real Results.

85% of Engagement Drops Stem from Low Trust Scores 


They will not only confuse the algorithm and stop you showing to a relevant audience, they will also lower your own trust score – dropping your potential reach to the bottom.

Do you know how much you’re impacted by ghost followers?

Let me show you what we’ve been able to find out as an Instagram agency.

We did advanced analyses to find out just how much impact ghost followers can have on your account. 🔍

Let me introduce you to Sarah. 

In January, Sarah, had 10k followers and about 850 likes and 150 comments.

Money Back Guarantee

300% More Engagement Within 12 Months

Choose The Best Plan For Your Follower Count


Up to 50k IG Followers

€ 97

one time payment

 AI Analyzation

 100% Safe Removal

Increase Your Trust Score


Up to 200k IG Followers

€ 179

one time payment

 AI Analyzation

 100% Safe Removal

Increase Your Trust Score


Profile Health Subscription

Up to 200k Followers

€ 49

monthly payment

 Monthly AI Analyzation

 Ongoing 100% Safe Removal

Increase Your Trust Score Longterm

Banned Hashtag Notification

Monthly Growth & Engagement Analytics


Got more than 200k followers?

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Is my Instagram profile in risk? Is it safe to use your services?

Your Instagram profile is absolutely and 100% safe. We’ve designed our process to the safest standards and it won’t hurt your account at all.

How much is the service in USD ($) ?

As we are a European based company, we have Euro (€) as our main currency. But of course, where ever you come from or which main currency you have you can buy our service without any doubt. The currency will be automatically exchanged by Paypal or your credit card company with the latest exchange rates.

Can I keep using Instagram during the process?

We designed our process in a way that it will leave minimal to no footprint on your account, having set measures in place that won’t interfere with Instagram in any way.

So, no worries – you can keep using Instagram as you like while the analyzation and removal phase.

Can I control how many ghosts are deleted?

Absolutely! Before we begin the removal process, we’ll get in contact with you with the results. After your approval, which accounts you want to get removed we will start with the safe removal process.

My engagement is very low, can you help me?

Usually we notice low engagement rates because of a low trust score on your profile. Deleting ghost, mass and low quality followers will massively up your trust score – signalling the Instagram algorithm that your profile is more valuable to them, thus you’ll reach more of your own audience.

I bought followers, can you help me get rid of them?

Absolutely! Our signature AI analyzation process also recognizes bought followers which of course will be safely removed by us.

I have 1M+ followers. Is it possible to help me?

In our 2+ year experience with analyzing and deleting ghost followers, we’ve developed a special AI driven system to help especially bigger account analyze their followers with the biggest accuracy.

If you do have 1M+ followers, please hit us up in the chatbox, we have a special deal for you!

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Over the past few years we’ve helped hundreds of clients build, grow and maintain their social media influence, turning followers into fans that care for your brand.

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100% Safe & Secure

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