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Do you know the #1 reason behind Instagram destroying account engagement?

Why do some Instagram profiles have insanely high engagement and reach, while others just don’t seem to get the ball rolling?

The answer? We will give it to you right now without wasting any time.

It’s because they have a higher trust score“, which is mostly determined by the quality of their audience. The higher it is, the more valuable your account is to Instagram because in the end it’s a big advertising platform that wants to guarantee their advertisers and users the best bang for the buck. 💵

So how do you up your trust score? 🤔

First of all, you should not follow too many people as it’s a big indication for spam accounts (besides the fact that it just looks a lot more professional).

Secondly, you should take a look at what accounts follow you. Are there lots of accounts with a low trust score? Spammy looking, not engaging, ghost accounts?
Not good. You want to get rid of them as soon as possible, as it will

  • Help You Grow Faster
  • Make Your Account More Valuable for the Algorithm & Brands
  • Bring Your Engagement Up

The important thing here is to be careful what you do – as some apps and programs that claim to do that can hurt your account in the long term more than they do good. You want to be as safe and careful as possible, starting from the way you analyze your followers to the speed of getting rid of them. 


Do you know how much you’re impacted by ghost followers?

Let me show you what we’ve been able to find out as an Instagram agency.

We did advanced analyses using simple math to find out just how much impact ghost followers can have on your account. 🔍

Let me introduce you to Sarah. 🦸‍♀️

In January, Sarah, had 10k followers and 1000 engagements – more precisely 850 likes, 150 comments.

That means a post engagement ratio of 10% – 1k engagements/10k followers

Those are some solid numbers. 👏

But next month she decided to join the dark side and buy 40k followers.

For her, that looks amazing, right? 50k total followers. 👀

As you can imagine, everyone would be a celebrity if they were able to get real followers like that.

The truth is that they are ghost followers – which means that they aren’t humans and they are not going to engage. 🧟‍♀️ 🧟‍♂️ 

So let’s do the math again to show you just how much negative impact this can have.

Sarah still received 1k engagements per post which is good.

But now the ratio is 1k/50k followers!

If we do the math on this one, we’d get a measly 2% enagegement rate. 📉 

How valuable do you think Instagram would find this account?

If Instagram sees an account plummet like that, they won’t even think of helping it through it’s algorithm because it’s no in their best interest.

Instagram profits by advertising to real people. 📢 

If Sarah’s engagement ratio went from 10% to 2%, the algorithm is autoamatically notified that the posts are less valuable and Instagram will start to show her posts to less people.

Showing her post to less people means that the engagement rate will drop.

Then less people will see it, and then the engagement drops again and then less people will see it again and the engagement will drop again. 

Its’s a never-ending vicious cycle of snowballing to the bottom. 💀

But many Influencers don’t understand this.

You know why?

They haven’t seen how the real world works like.

We’ve worked with big brands and they don’t care about the followers, they only care about the engagement. 🧐

They want to know exactly how much money we are able to generate for them. 💰

Just like Sarah did, we can’t bring in 40k new followers and show 0 new buys or profits. 

That is why we developed this brand new service of removing Ghost Followers for people like yourself, because we want all our clients ands brands to grow due to Instagram’s algorithm, not make their account irrelevant and unprofitable. 

It’s a win-win-win situation for us, the brand and Instagram. 🏆

We can do the same thing for you. 🤝

Imagine having a 10% engagement rate vs 1% engagement rate. 

That’s the real metric you can brag about – and more importantly, profit from.

If you want to be at the cutting edge of the most advanced Instagram strategies and techniques that we are using for our highest paying clients, we are giving you this opportunity of using this service, by selecting a plan that may fit your exact needs and wants.

Is this something that you are interested in?

How This Service Helps You

Accelerate Your Success 

Helps you grow faster

Who do you think Instagram will promote? An account with raving fans on each and every post, or the one where only a few of its followers click the like button?

Skyrockets your value

Wether you are an influencer (or you want to become one), wether you are an industry leader or wether you are a brand, you already know that in order to become more valuable on the market you need to be able to grow your audience and impact more people, while also focusing on content.

Drives more traffic

The more people interact with you, the more people click on your links, the more people check out your offers and eventually more people buy your products

Here is Exactly How We’ll Help You Skyrocket Your Instagram Engagement with Our 3-Step Proven Formula

🚀Step 1  ⏱1-5 Days

Analyzation Phase

We analyze all of your audience and carefully dissect those who are spammers, mass followers (4000-5000+ followings) and most likely have a low trust score.

🚀Step 2  ⏱2-10 Days

Removal Phase

After thorough analyzation and a quick word with you, we’ll carefully remove those accounts in the safest way possible. Note: we won’t block them as this can trigger algorithm problems.

🚀Step 3  ⏱1-120 Days


Because of your higher trust score, you will notice your engagment will gradually increase (or stop to decrease), your account will become more valuable not only to the algorithm, but also to brands.

Say Goodbye to Ghost Followers

100% Money Back Guarantee

We talk the talk and we walk the walk. If you are not seeing real results and feel as if we aren’t removing your ghost followers properly, we will give you 100% of the money back. Please note that we cannot guarantee an increase in engagement as it will depend on your content as well, but given the same quality of content, your decrease in ghost followers will increase your engagement through Instagram’s algorithm. Our service has been used by 1000+ clients already and we’ve updated and perfected our process to guarantee 100% satisfaction at this point.

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🎯 WE take care of the rest for YOU🎯



€ 97

Save €50 today 

  Less than 20k Followers


 Safe Removal

 Increase your trust score

EU sales tax can be deducted




€ 197

Save €100 today

  Less than 100k Followers


 Safe Removal

 Increase your trust score

EU sales tax can be deducted



€ 397

Save €200 today

  Less than 200k Followers


 Safe Removal

 Increase your trust score

EU sales tax can be deducted

Got more than 200k followers?

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Reviews from Our Clients

The MVRQ team has been amazing in working with our in-house marketing department. I found out about this young and amazing team from our Social Media Strategist and we’ve decided to invest in their service as I knew how time-consuming it is to things on your own when somebody already has the solution.

The experience has been everything I expected and even more. They know exactly what they are doing and I wouldn’t hesitate to contact them at any time we want to grow our Instagram.

Katie L.

Marketing Manager

As an Influencer, most of my revenue is coming from how much attention and activity I’m getting from my Instagram followers.

For years I’ve slowly developed a fan base and additionally, got some followers which were probably less than ideal for really helping me in any way.

I suspected that there was a problem since my posts were quite entertaining and informative, so when I found out about this topic of ghost followers and got in contact with the MVRQ team, I was expecting a slight difference.

However, the results were AMAZING. I really didn’t expect to see such a big difference in activity and I have to thank Roland for taking care of everything and doing magic while I was able to continue to create content.

A. J.

Instagram Influencer

Frankly speaking, I had some challenges with understanding how Instagram is working after seeing some constant changes in how their algorithm constantly gives us mixed results.

We had over 10k followers so we felt we were already quite established, especially in our niche, but the engagement wasn’t where we wanted it to be.

After we let MVRQ take care of our ghost followers we’ve seen a noticeable change in our engagement and since then, we’ve started to get more traffic to our site and additional sales from Instagram.

Joe E.

Community Manager

Lots of invested time and resources

Little to no results

No wasted time and resources

Massive targeted growth, sales and brand awareness

We are professional DO’ers

Hey, I’m Dominik 👋🏽

I’m the founder of MVRQ, a very successful Instagram focused Social Media Marketing agency. Through the last years our main focus was to figure out sustainable and untapped ways blow up one’s influence on social media, mainly to build and solidify a sustainable online brand that sets you up for longterm success. 

Over the past few years we’ve helped hundreds of clients build, grow and maintain their social media influence, turning followers into fans that care for your brand.

Today, you can make a difference and take matters into your own hands. Join us today, you won’t regret it, I promise.

– Dominik

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