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Why you should safely delete your ghost and mass followers

Why do some Instagram profiles have insanely high engagement and reach, while others just don’t seem to get the ball rolling?

The answer? It’s because they have a higher trust score“, which is mostly determined by the quality of their audience. The higher it is, the more valuable your account is to Instagram – mostly because in the end it’s a big advertising platform that wants to guarantee their advertisers and users the best bang for the buck.

So how do you up your trust score?

First of all, you should not follow too many people as it’s a big indication for spam accounts (besides the fact that it just looks a lot more professional).

Secondly, you should take a look at what accounts follow you. Are there lots of accounts with a low trust score? Spammy looking, not engaging, ghost accounts?
Not good. You want to get rid of them as soon as possible, as it will

  • Help You Grow Faster
  • Make Your Account More Valuable for the Algorithm & Brands
  • Bring Your Engagement Up

The important thing here is to be careful what you do – as some apps and programs that claim to do that can hurt your account in the long term more than they do good. You want to be as safe and careful as possible, starting from the way you analyze your followers to the speed of getting rid of them. 

Here’s what we’re gonna do

🚀Step 1  ⏱1-3 Days 

Analyzation Phase

We analyze all of your audience and carefully dissect those who are spammers, mass followers (2500-3500+ followings) and most likely have a low trust score.

🚀Step 2  ⏱2-10 Days 

Removal Phase

After thorough analyzation and a quick word with you, we’ll carefully remove those accounts in the safest way possible. Note: we won’t block them as this can trigger algorithm problems.

🚀Step 3  ⏱1-90 Days


Because of your higher trust score, you will notice your engagment will gradually increase (or stop to decrease), your account will become more valuable not only to the algorithm, but also to brands.

Let’s get started 🚀

Increase your own trust score and up the value of your account


One payment · 1-2 Weeks

Less than 10k Followers


 Safe Removal

 Increase your trust score

$ 97


One payment · 1-2 Weeks

Less than 50k Followers


 Safe Removal

 Increase your trust score

$ 197


One payment · 2-3 Weeks

Less than 130k Followers


 Safe Removal

 Increase your trust score

$ 397

Got more than 130k followers?

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