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Over the past 2 years, we’ve battle-tested and refined the world’s best (and safest!) Instagram cleaner

1.) Analyzation Phase & Result 

We analyze your Instagram Followers using AI and real humans carefully dissect those who are spammers, mass followers (4000-5000+ followings), and suspicious accounts. After 2-5 days we send you an extensive report about your Instagram profile and an in-house Instagram expert looks over your profile + report and tell you if you should remove some of the low quality followers to increase your profile health!

5-7 Days

2.) Removal Phase. (OPTIONAL)

After a word with you and if we decide together that it makes sense to remove some of your bad audience from your profile, we’ll carefully unfollow the fake, inactive, and spam Instagram accounts in the safest way possible. We won’t block the ghost accounts as this can trigger algorithm problems.

7-90 Days

Real And Outstanding Results

The world’s only high quality Instagram ghost follower and removal service provides REAL value for our clients 

Catie Stewman, E-Commerce

Patrick Bill, Photographer

Raul Rogatsz, Business Owner

Julia Gilas, Celebrity & Model (4.7mio Followers)

Sebastian Lang, Fashion Influencer

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Removing Low Quality Followers From Your Profile

85% of Engagement Drops Stem from low quality followers 

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Extensive Instagram Follower Analyzation

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Low-Quality Follower Removal included, but optional



About us

Dominik & Roland, are the founders of MVRQ, a Vienna based Instagram focused Social Media Marketing agency. Through the last years our main focus was to figure out sustainable and untapped ways blow up one’s influence on social media, mainly to build and solidify a sustainable online brand that sets you up for longterm success.

Over the past few years we’ve helped hundreds of clients build, grow and maintain their social media influence, turning followers into fans that care for your brand.

Today, you can make a difference and take matters into your own hands. Join us today, you won’t regret it, we promise.

– Dominik & Roland

Dominik – MVRQ Founder and YouTuber

Roland – MVRQ Founder & Serial Entrepreneur

100% Safe & Up to date 2022!

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Is my Instagram account in risk? Is it safe to use your services?

Your Instagram profile is absolutely and 100% safe. We’ve designed our process to the safest standards and it won’t hurt your account at all. 

Do you need my password to perform the task?

We have a 2 step signature process of analyzing and removing your ghost followers. For the first part – the analyzation phase we do not need your password.

If you decide you need also remove some of your low quality followers it is necessary to login to your account – but don’t worry, we won’t be able to do anything other than to safely remove your ghost followers. (We are liable to the strict data protection laws of the European Union)

However, if you still don’t feel comfortable with giving us your Instagram login data, we can provide a file with all your low quality followers after the analyzation and you can remove them by yourself.

Why do we bill in EUR instead of USD?

Because our company is registered in Europe, you do not need EUR in your bank account!

Your credit card company or PayPal convert your currency with the latest rates usually without fees to EUR.

EUR and USD are worth almost the same right now.

Can I keep using Instagram during the process?

We designed our service in a way that will leave minimal to no footprint on your IG account, having set measures in place that won’t interfere with Instagram in any way.

So, no worries – you can keep using your Instagram account as you like during the Analyzation and the Cleaning phase.

Can I control if & how many followers are getting removed?

Absolutely! Before we begin cleaning your followers, we’ll contact you with the results. 

I bought fake followers, can you help me get rid of them?

Absolutely! Our signature AI analyzation process also recognizes bought Instagram followers which of course will be safely cleaned by us.