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We’ll organically grow your Instagram to boost your brand and scale your revenue through paid ads and sales funnels

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Never before seen Instagram Growth

Over the past few months our team of Instagram experts and growth hackers have developed the most innovative Instagram growth strategy that currently exists. It’s safe, we won’t touch your main profile in any way, guaranteeing you bulletproof results, scaling your Instagram in a way that has never before been seen and positioning your brand for the future.

“I’ve worked with dozens of “marketing agencies” before and they all sell you the world while doing the same sh** everybody else is doing. Working with MVRQ, however, is different – they take a completely different approach – 2020 style, and it feels good!”


Analysis & Removal

Does your engagement rate need any improvement? Did you once buy Instagram followers that now ruin your algorithm trust score? We’re here to help! Our in-house analytics specialists manually go through your account, identify and most importantly safely remove your “ghost followers”.

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About Us

Dominik & Roland,

are the founders of MVRQ, a very successful Instagram focused Social Media Marketing agency. Through the last years our main focus was to figure out sustainable and untapped ways blow up one’s influence on social media, mainly to build and solidify a sustainable online brand that sets you up for longterm success.  

Over the past few years we’ve helped hundreds of clients build, grow and maintain their social media influence, turning followers into fans that care for your brand. 

Today, you can make a difference and take matters into your own hands. Join us today, you won’t regret it, we promise.

– Dominik & Roland

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