Your brand is great, but your Instagram isn’t.

We’ll organically grow your Instagram to boost your brand, your sales and profits.


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We’ve worked with

Premium Social Media Marketing

Creating content is hard enough, we’ll take care of the rest. With our extensive knowledge and ongoing strategy tests we’re always one step ahead, so don’t worry about the latest algorithm changes, we’ve got you covered.

Lots of invested time and resources,

little to no results

No wasted time and resources,

massive targeted growth, sales and brand awareness

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Meet the Founders

a quick glimpse behind the scenes

Starting in early 2017, our founders quickly realized that regular marketing tactics and just creating awesome content wasn’t good enough. Ever since then, MVRQ (Maverick) has grown to be one of the best Instagram focused Social Media Marketing Agencies worldwide, helping brands and influencers leverage the massive influence of Instagram to their best extent.

“It basically all comes down to reaching the right kinds people. 500 really engaged fans are a lot more valuable than 10.000 ghosts that don’t really care about your content.”

Meet our founders for social media consulting and other inquiries.

What our clients say about us

happy clients make us happy

Working with MVRQ is genious. It really felt like working with our in-house marketing team.

Having built digital companies successfully from scratch, I can firmly say that MVRQ is the best partner any company will need to achieve their marketing goals.

Georg Felber

CEO, finnoq

MVRQ not only managed to exactly identify my target audience, they also exceeded my expectation in what’s possible with Instagram marketing.

Sebastian Arnezeder

CEO, Tauratrox

To sum this up

what we can do for you

Grow your brand on Instagram

Including monthly analytics and strategy tips.

Social Media Strategy Consulting

Our founders will personally analyze your situation providing you the perfect road map for social media success.

Custom Solutions

YouTube SEO and optimization, custom online marketing funnels

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